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For a better overview, I have assembled a bunch of resources for you. You don't have to use all of them, but make sure to check out what you would like to learn.

Overview: hasherezade's (very respected Reverse Engineer) overview page about getting started (Tools, environments, base knowledge)

Beginner Courses: Z0F Course:

Tyler Hudak's 4-part series on RE (Highly recommended!):

Malware Unicorn's RE 101 course:

Assembly: An absolute classic introduction on RE by Dennis Yurichev that introduces you to a number of different architectures:

Azeria Lab's ARM course (great if you want to know more about ARM):

Complete resource list


I'd also like to mention that you should work on your C/C++ knowledge while you're learning RE. You don't have to be an absolute master at it, but some basic knowledge is important. If you want to see some recommended sources for C/C++:

Recommended C Booklist:

Recommended C++ Booklist:

Good online resource for C++:

General Computing/Low-Level stuff: The OSdev wiki is an amazing resource for everything concerning low-level. You have hours upon hours of reading material here.

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